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We are a Melbourne-based Architecture practice. We work across a diverse scale and typology in Architecture, Interior Design and Sustainability. Our projects include family residential dwellings, high-density residential, and public and commercial buildings. We complement this service with our sister company Agency for Design Strategy where we focus on Urban Design and Master Planning.


Not only do we believe in creating beautiful Architecture, but what we bring to the table is a holistic outlook on what needs to be done, and why. As an Upstream practice, we identify the forces that impact a project from the early stages of the project. By working collaboratively with clients and communities, we create buildings that work well on every level, inside and out. 


Our ideas are grounded in understanding context, client brief and user experience so that the buildings we design are meaningful and contribute positively to people's lives. As Architects and Urban Designers, we know how to bring forward the experiential attributes that make a place memorable and attractive.

We strongly believe that multi-disciplinary integration and strategic thinking create projects with a strong vision and multi-generational value.

Key Partners



Architect | Urban Designer


Natural emergencies and climate change are global challenges that require strong and adaptable responses. As Architects and Urban Designers, we are uniquely placed to participate in mitigating climate impacts through the project decisions we make every day.


We believe sustainability is multi-faceted and encompasses all aspects of development crossing social interaction and community, efficient transport, cultural heritage, economic viability and well-considered management of materials and resources. 


For over 20 years, we have provided urban and architectural design and advisory services across government and private sectors. We cut our teeth with Australia's top architects working locally and globally and are proud to have worked with market innovators including:

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